• The2ndplayer

    My character

    June 24, 2015 by The2ndplayer

    What I've decided about my character.

    - He will be part dragon due to a messed up spell.

    - He will possess knowledge of basic and transformation magic.

    - He will be able to breathe fire and consume gems like a dragon.

    - He posses a pair of wings that allow for short periods of flight and gliding.

    - His tail will be able to functions as a shovel/pickaxe hybrid.

    What I haven't decided.

    -Can he of she use magic? (Resolved. No.)

    -What is his or her name? (Resolved. Apollo is the likely choice.)

    -Are they a he or a she? (Resolved. The character will likely be male unless a decent male name can't be found.)

    -Would hoarding cause them to grow? (Resolved. Hoarding will induce growth up to twice the size of the average stallion.)

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