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Welcome to ACCE's full and organized list of Chapters.

This is the Chapters blog.

This is the official blog where the Table of Contents for every chapter in every versions of the role-play series (excluding the preserved archives) is shown.

Unlike how the Chapters article is tiered, the tiering in this blog starts with the most recent chapter in the current version of the role-play series down to the earliest.

Below is the Table of Contents for each blog dedicated to a chapter from all versions of the CE role-play series using the categorization method described above.

The following is the list of characters for each version of the series, in order of appearance (based on first line spoken).

  • CaerulElimo: TBD
  • StarSquare: Nightwing, Anthony, Set, Sandro, Bloomy, Mystic Ivy, Nova, Motion Control

The Table of Contents start here.


CaerulElimo: Chapter 1-1


This version has never been played in a wikia blog format.

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