Hey all, Aerostar here. I was checking up on this wiki briefly when I received a notice that the MPC template, which recently made up part of the full Youtube audio player template I added here, was disabled by Wikia for security reasons. There might be a way for me to figure out a fix for it to get the template working as normal, but until then we'll have to do without.

Fortunately, there's a little way around this. This link to Community Central shows one how they can still link a Youtube video while still having it resemble the old audio player. The coding is simpler to use (though the end result isn't quite as clean-cut as before) and should suffice for playing audio and other videos as necessary.

Any pages that used the old player should be updated to this so that they at least work, even though the auto-play function is lost. The simple '"`UNIQ1c9e373c659408bd-youtube-00000000-QINU`"' tags will embed a full-sized video, while the size can be cropped to something like

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