Reuniclus is a supporting character in the SS Roleplay game. He is a male Reuniclus living in SS, and the current main advisor for the SS Squad, having taken over when Princess Sylveon was forced to break contact with the group due to lack of Delta energy.

Known historyEdit

Meeting the groupEdit

Reuniclus first met the group when Princess Sylveon (who was then the group's main guide) was captured and interrogated by Lt. Sea. Sylveon's capture prevented her from sustaining contact with the group, so Reuniclus took over as the squad's advisor temporarily until Sylveon was able to escape. Even after Sylveon was able to resume contact with the group, Reuniclus kept his position as backup advisor, using a hologram communication method to guide the squad whenever Sylveon was unable to do so because of threat from Sea and his forces.

Takeover as the group's main advisorEdit

"I can hardly breathe, guys... I'm sorry ... RE will take over as your primary advisor. He was meant to be your main guide in the beginning anyway..."
- A fading Princess Sylveon, telling the group that Reuniclus would take over as their advisor -

As part of her last words to the squad before fading away, Princess Sylveon told the brokenhearted group that Reuniclus would take over as their main advisor, since she would be forced to break contact after using up all of her Delta fuel. When the hologram image of Sylveon was gone, Reuniclus urged the group on, telling them that they needed to hurry if they were to save StarSquare. In the wake of Princess Sylveon's contact break, Reuniclus now serves as the group's main advisor.


Reuniclus excels as an advisor for the group because of his calm, strong-witted, and strong-willed nature, and he won't hesitate to offer helpful advice for the group. He is also very observant; even during battle he makes note of important things that many normally wouldn't, and tells the group about them. His wide range of knowledge often helps identify and explain these things to the squad, which is of enormous assistance.

Reuniclus is generally not easily intimidated, and is able to keep a cool head during battles. However, he finds blood and gore disgusting, and is repulsed by it.

Reuniclus has a strange condition that renders things that he finds extremely cute dangerous to him. Seeing very cute things may cause Reuniclus physical pain, sometimes so severe that it becomes life-threatening to him. It is unknown what causes the condition, but it is believed that the cause lies in the complex genes of the Reuniclus species. In the wake of the Red Rampage, funding for finding cures for strange medical conditions such as Reuniclus's has been cut dramatically; Reuniclus spends some of his spare time independently to research the gene ladders of his species in order to find a possible cure for himself.