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  • Hello, fellow Wikian, or whatever name thy shall be called. My name is DeltusOpus.

    Welcome to the wiki where I host the game incorporated with everything, Unofficial StarSquare Wiki! Firstly, thank you kindly for your edit to the Long time no see page, or article, or wall, or whichever first contribution you've made for us. I forget easily!

    Confused about the topic? It takes place at StarSquare, a planet in danger during its final generation. A certain, lucky group of ponies stumble upon the planet after their spaceship is accidentally sent hurtling towards a giant portal in Generation Five. Will these ponies survive? Only time will tell, and that's the exciting part! Items, weapons, friendships, romance, we have everything! The question is, can you be a part of their team as well? They are looking for as much help as they can get or they will be roasted by La'Mar Sea. That chicken!

    Mind helping us? It's be a huge honor if you can make StarSquare that little bit better. Copy editing, adding some stylish images, or being part of the wikia role-play series. Sound exciting? It will surely be if you can be part of it, we guarantee it! Check out topics which we need to clean up and add information missing, or teach us more about coding. We can't really figure out templates or infoboxes yet, but if you could, awesome possum!

    Here's something we need a bit of help on: a summary of the series

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything, and if you're staying with us for the journey, have fun Squaran-ing!

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