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Ginf Credits

"Sometimes we say something will last forever. Sometimes we say something will last infinitely."

Infinity is a song used in both Generation Infinity and the final song in the entire CE music score. It is played for the duration of the Credits, the last part of the Celebration scene in Generation Infinity, which is the last scene of the official CaerulElimo plotline.

The End

"The end."

These credits not only show the people that made Generation Infinity, but includes all credited information on every other Generation of CaerulElimo.

Infinity consists of an extended mix of original work, 'Anthem', and 'Rainbow Road' by nanobii.

The scene consists of fireworks continuing to shoot off without anything else visible except The Blue Eclipse showing the end credits sequence. When the main credits are complete, the scrolling credits are shown, keeping the fireworks active until a black box is shown with the text "The End" until the player presses X. The game fades to black and sends to user back to the Main Menu.

It is worth noting that Generation Infinity begins prior to the Credits. Generation 6 ends as soon as Merci is defeated.

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