Algon Anders
Physical Information
Age 24
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Body Color Unknown
Height Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Shovel-Axe
Species Griffon
Home Unknown

A Vulture griffon tasked with clean up duty who joins the group.


Algon Anders was born in Darkwood, a small town. His family didn't really respect him, with him being the runt of his siblings. He left the town when he became a young adult, searching for a good well paying occuption. He failed at most occupations he tried out for, until he found one that barely anyone wanted to do, clean up duty. He succesfully tried out, and became a member of the clean  up crew, helping sweep away debris and whatnot.

Depiction in CEEdit

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Algon Anders from often not being respected, tends to have a critical and sarcastic personality. He's often friendly to those who manage to win his trust. He's often very sarcastic.

Floor SystemEdit

1. Default moves: hard hit,

2.  Flying

3. Weapon upgrade: sharp shovel

4.  Corpse feeder

5.  Hilt hit

6. Death waiter

7. Deadly patience

8.  Quick attack

9. Tough stomach

10. Wing muffle

11. Claw scratch

12. Strong stomach

13.  Shovel spear

14.  Dagger jab

15. Shovel stab


17. Shovel Slice



20. Running hit

21.  Stomach of Steel



24. Flying hit







Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

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a male griffon with vulture parts, similar to the one in the griffonstone episode. His feathers could be similar to long hair, and he could be holding something like this:</span>,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/19dghywmroekmjpg.jpg

Trivia Edit

Originally, Algon Anders was intended to be a hippogriff in order to comply to the rule that is now no longer in effect that all main characters must be at least half pony.

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